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WAKE(8)                 FreeBSD System Manager's Manual                WAKE(8)

     wake - send Wake on LAN frames to hosts on a local Ethernet network

     wake [interface] lladdr [lladdr ...]

     The wake program is used to send Wake on LAN (WoL) frames over a local
     Ethernet network to one or more hosts using their link layer (hardware)
     addresses.  WoL functionality is generally enabled in a machine's BIOS
     and can be used to power on machines from a remote system without having
     physical access to them.

     interface is an Ethernet interface of the local machine and is used to
     send the Wake on LAN frames over it.  If there is only one Ethernet
     device available that is up and running, then the interface argument can
     be omitted.  lladdr is the link layer address of the remote machine.
     This can be specified as the actual hardware address (six hexadecimal
     numbers separated by colons) or as a hostname entry in /etc/ethers.  wake
     accepts multiple lladdr addresses.  Link layer addresses can be
     determined and set using ifconfig(8).

     /etc/ethers  Ethernet host name data base.

     ethers(5), ifconfig(8)

     wake was written by Marc Balmer <[email protected]>.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        December 27, 2009       FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section