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URTW(4)                FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                URTW(4)

     urtw - Realtek RTL8187B/L USB IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network device

     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

           device ehci
           device uhci
           device ohci
           device usb
           device urtw
           device wlan

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     The urtw driver supports USB 802.11b/g wireless adapters based on the
     Realtek RTL8187B/L.

     urtw supports station and monitor mode operation.  Only one virtual
     interface may be configured at any time.  For more information on
     configuring this device, see ifconfig(8).

     The urtw driver supports Realtek RTL8187B/L based wireless network
     devices, including:

           Card                          Radio      Bus
           Belkin F5D7050E               RTL8225    USB
           Linksys WUSB54GCv2            RTL8225    USB
           Netgear WG111v2               RTL8225    USB
           Netgear WG111v3               RTL8225    USB
           Safehome WLG-1500SMA5         RTL8225    USB
           Shuttle XPC Accessory PN20    RTL8225    USB
           Sitecom WL168v1               RTL8225    USB
           Sitecom WL168v4               RTL8225    USB
           SureCom EP-9001-g(2A)         RTL8225    USB
           TRENDnet TEW-424UB V3.xR      RTL8225    USB

     Join an existing BSS network (i.e., connect to an access point):

           ifconfig wlan create wlandev urtw0 inet \
               netmask 0xffffff00

     Join a specific BSS network with network name ``my_net'':

           ifconfig wlan create wlandev urtw0 ssid my_net up

     Join a specific BSS network with 64-bit WEP encryption:

           ifconfig wlan create wlandev urtw0 ssid my_net \
                   wepmode on wepkey 0x1234567890 weptxkey 1 up

     intro(4), netintro(4), usb(4), wlan(4), wlan_ccmp(4), wlan_tkip(4),
     wlan_wep(4), ifconfig(8), wpa_supplicant(8)


     The urtw device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 8.0.

     The urtw driver was written by Weongyo Jeong <[email protected]>.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        October 17, 2009        FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
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