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NG_UBT(4)              FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual              NG_UBT(4)

     ng_ubt - Netgraph node type that is also a driver for Bluetooth USB

     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <netgraph/bluetooth/include/ng_ubt.h>

     The ubt node type is both a persistent Netgraph node type and a driver
     for Bluetooth USB devices.  It implements a Bluetooth USB transport layer
     as per chapter H2 of the Bluetooth Specification Book v1.1.  A new node
     is created when a supported USB device is plugged in.

     The node has a single hook called hook.  Incoming bytes received on the
     device are re-assembled into HCI frames (according to the length).  Full
     HCI frames are sent out on the hook.  The node will add a HCI frame
     indicator if the device did not send it.  HCI frames received on hook are
     transmitted out.  The node will drop the HCI frame indicator unless the
     device requires it to be present.

     The ng_ubt driver supports all Bluetooth USB devices that conform with
     the Bluetooth specification v1.1, including:

        3Com 3CREB96
        AIPTEK BR0R02
        EPoX BT-DG02
        Mitsumi Bluetooth USB adapter
        MSI MS-6967
        TDK Bluetooth USB adapter
        Broadcom Bluetooth USB adapter

     This node type supports the following hooks:

     hook      single HCI frame contained in a single mbuf structure.

     This node type supports the generic control messages, plus the following:

     NGM_UBT_NODE_GET_DEBUG (get_debug)
             Returns an integer containing the current debug level for the

     NGM_UBT_NODE_SET_DEBUG (set_debug)
             This command takes an integer argument and sets the current debug
             level for the node.

     NGM_UBT_NODE_GET_QLEN (get_qlen)
             This command takes a parameter that specifies the queue number
             and returns the current maximal length of the queue for the node.

     NGM_UBT_NODE_SET_QLEN (set_qlen)
             This command takes two parameters that specify the queue number
             and the maximum length of the queue and sets the maximal length
             of the queue for the node.

     NGM_UBT_NODE_GET_STAT (get_stat)
             Returns various statistic information for the node, such as:
             number of bytes (frames) sent, number of bytes (frames) received
             and number of input (output) errors.

     NGM_UBT_NODE_RESET_STAT (reset_stat)
             Reset all statistic counters to zero.

     This node shuts down when the corresponding USB device is un-plugged.

     netgraph(4), ugen(4), usb(4), ngctl(8)

     The ubt node type was implemented in FreeBSD 5.0.

     Maksim Yevmenkin <m_[email protected]>

     Isochronous USB transfers are broken.  This means that the USB device
     will not be able to transfer SCO data (voice).  USB interrupt transfers
     are implemented as bulk-in transfers (not really a bug).

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        December 26, 2012       FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section