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MPSUTIL(8)              FreeBSD System Manager's Manual             MPSUTIL(8)

     mpsutil, mprutil - Utility for managing LSI Fusion-MPT 2/3 controllers

     mpsutil version
     mpsutil [-u unit] show adapter
     mpsutil [-u unit] show adapters
     mpsutil [-u unit] show all
     mpsutil [-u unit] show cfgpages page [num] [addr]
     mpsutil [-u unit] show devices
     mpsutil [-u unit] show enclosures
     mpsutil [-u unit] show expanders
     mpsutil [-u unit] show iocfacts
     mpsutil [-u unit] flash save [firmware|bios] [file]
     mpsutil [-u unit] flash update [firmware|bios] file

     The mpsutil utility can be used to display or modify various parameters
     on LSI Fusion-MPS 2 controllers.

     The mprutil utility can be used to display or modify various parameters
     on LSI Fusion-MPS 3 controllers.

     The mprutil utility behave identically to mpsutil.  (same program)

     Each invocation of mpsutil consists of zero or more global options
     followed by a command.  Commands may support additional optional or
     required arguments after the command.

     Currently one global option is supported:

     -u unit
             unit specifies the unit of the controller to work with.  If no
             unit is specified, then unit 0 is used.

     The mpsutil utility supports several different groups of commands.  The
     first group of commands provide information about the controller.  The
     second group of commands are used to manager controller-wide operations.

     The informational commands include:

             Displays the version of mpsutil.

     show adapter
             Displays information about the controller such as the model
             number or firmware version.

     show adapters
             Displays a summary of all adapters.

     show all
             Displays all devices, expanders and enclosures.

     show devices
             Displays all devices.

     show expanders
             Displays all expanders.

     show enclosures
             Displays all enclosures.

     show iocfacts
             Displays IOC Facts messages.

     show cfgpage page [num] [addr]
             Show IOC Facts Message

     Controller management commands include:

     flash save [firmware|bios] [file]
             Save the firmware or bios from the controller into a local file.
             If no file is specified then the file will be named firmware or

     flash update [firmware|bios] file
             Replace the firmware or bios from the controller with the one
             specified via file.

     mpr(4), mps(4)

     The mpsutil utility first appeared in FreeBSD 11.0.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        November 17, 2015       FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section