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MAC.CONF(5)               FreeBSD File Formats Manual              MAC.CONF(5)

     mac.conf - format of the MAC library configuration file

     The mac.conf file configures the default label elements to be used by
     policy-agnostic applications that operate on MAC labels.  A file contains
     a series of default label sets specified by object class, in addition to
     blank lines and comments preceded by a `#' symbol.

     Currently, the implementation supports two syntax styles for label
     element declaration.  The old (deprecated) syntax consists of a single
     line with two fields separated by white space: the object class name, and
     a list of label elements as used by the mac_prepare(3) library calls
     prior to an application invocation of a function from mac_get(3).

     The newer more preferred syntax consists of three fields separated by
     white space: the label group, object class name and a list of label

     Label element names may optionally begin with a `?' symbol to indicate
     that a failure to retrieve the label element for an object should be
     silently ignored, and improves usability if the set of MAC policies may
     change over time.

     /etc/mac.conf      MAC library configuration file.

     The following example configures user applications to operate with four
     MAC policies: mac_biba(4), mac_mls(4), SEBSD, and mac_partition(4).

           # Default label set to be used by simple MAC applications

           default_labels file ?biba,?lomac,?mls,?sebsd
           default_labels ifnet ?biba,?lomac,?mls,?sebsd
           default_labels process ?biba,?lomac,?mls,?partition,?sebsd
           default_labels socket ?biba,?lomac,?mls

           # Deprecated (old) syntax

           default_file_labels ?biba,?mls,?sebsd
           default_ifnet_labels ?biba,?mls,?sebsd
           default_process_labels ?biba,?mls,partition,?sebsd

     In this example, userland applications will attempt to retrieve Biba,
     MLS, and SEBSD labels for all object classes; for processes, they will
     additionally attempt to retrieve a Partition identifier.  In all cases
     except the Partition identifier, failure to retrieve a label due to the
     respective policy not being present will be ignored.

     mac(3), mac_get(3), mac_prepare(3), mac(4), mac(9)

     Support for Mandatory Access Control was introduced in FreeBSD 5.0 as
     part of the TrustedBSD Project.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4          July 25, 2015         FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
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