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joystick_sethandler(3)        Svgalib User Manual       joystick_sethandler(3)

       joystick_sethandler, joystick_setdefaulthandler - set the joystick
       event handler.

       #include <vgajoystick.h>
       typedef void (*__joystick_handler) (int event, int number, char value,
       int joydev);

       void joystick_sethandler(int joydev, __joystick_handler jh);
       void joystick_setdefaulthandler(int joydev);

       By default, each call to joystick_init(3) enables the default handler
       for the opened joystick. This handler maintains a state table which can
       be read by the joystick_getaxis(3), joystick_getbutton(3),
       joystick_button1|2|3|4(3), joystick_getb1|2|3|4(3), joystick_x|y|z(3)
       and  joystick_getx|y|z(3) functions.

       If you define an own handler, the following parameters are passed:

              event one of the following values:

                     JOY_EVENTBUTTONDOWN a button was pressed.

                     JOY_EVENTBUTTONUP a button was released.

                     JOY_EVENTAXIS the joystick position was changed.

                     All other values are reserved for future use.

              number identifies the button or axis to which this event

              value for axis events the new position in range -128 .. 127.See
                     joystick_getaxis(3) for further comments on the range.

              joydev identifies the joystick affected (this allows to use one
                     handler for many joysticks).

       joydev = -1 modifies the event handler of all currently open joystick

       This function is only available in ELF versions of svgalib. Due to
       backwards compatibility issues it cannot be used with shared a.out

       svgalib(7), vgagl(7), libvga.config(5), joytest(6), mjoytest(6),
       joystick_init(3), joystick_close(3), joystick_update(3),
       joystick_getnumaxes(3), joystick_getnumbuttons(3), joystick_getaxis(3),
       joystick_getbutton(3), joystick_button1(3), joystick_getb1(3),
       joystick_x(3), joystick_getx(3).

       The svgalib joystick handler was mostly done by Daniel Engstr\"om
       <[email protected]>.  Multiple joystick, VC switching support
       and code to glue it into svgalib by Michael Weller <[email protected]>. Part of the code is based on code from C. Smith and
       Vojtech Pavlik.

Svgalib 1.3.0                    14 April 1998          joystick_sethandler(3)
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