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INTRO(3)               FreeBSD Library Functions Manual               INTRO(3)

     intro - introduction to the C libraries

     This section provides an overview of the C library functions, their error
     returns and other common definitions and concepts.  Most of these
     functions are available from the C library, libc.  Other libraries, such
     as the math library, libm, must be indicated at compile time with the -l
     option of the compiler.

     The various libraries (followed by the loader flag):

     libc (-lc)  Standard C library functions.  When using the C compiler
                 cc(1), it is not necessary to supply the loader flag -lc for
                 these functions.  There are several `libraries' or groups of
                 functions included inside of libc : the standard I/O
                 routines, database routines, bit operators, string operators,
                 character tests and character operators, des encryption
                 routines, storage allocation, time functions, signal handling
                 and more.

     libcurses (-lcurses -ltermcap)
                 Terminal independent screen management routines for two
                 dimensional non-bitmap display terminals.  (See ncurses(3).)

     libcompat (-lcompat)
                 Functions which are obsolete but are available for
                 compatibility with 4.3BSD.  In particular, a number of system
                 call interfaces provided in previous releases of BSD have
                 been included for source code compatibility.  Use of these
                 routines should, for the most part, be avoided.  The manual
                 page entry for each compatibility routine indicates the
                 proper interface to use.

     libkvm (-lkvm)
                 Functions used to access kernel memory are in this library.
                 They can be used against both a running system and a crash
                 dump.  (See kvm(3).)

     libl (-ll)  The library for lex(1).

     libm (-lm)  The math library, libm.  The math library is loaded as needed
                 by the Pascal compiler, but not by the C compiler which
                 requires the -lm flag.  (See math(3).)

     libmp (-lmp)

     libtermcap (-ltermcap)
                 The terminal independent operation library package.  (See

     liby (-ly)  The library for yacc(1).

     /usr/lib/libc.a    the C library
     /usr/lib/libc_p.a  the C library compiled for profiling
     /usr/lib/libm.a    the math library
     /usr/lib/libm_p.a  the math library compiled for profiling

     cc(1), ld(1), nm(1), intro(2), math(3), stdio(3)

     An intro manual appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.

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