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GPIOCTL(1)              FreeBSD General Commands Manual             GPIOCTL(1)

     gpioctl - GPIO control utility

     gpioctl [-f ctldev] -l [-v]
     gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -t pin
     gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -c pin flag [flag ...]
     gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] -n pin pin-name
     gpioctl [-f ctldev] [-pN] pin [0|1]

     The gpioctl utility could be used to manage GPIO pins from userland and
     list available pins.

     The pin argument can either be a pin-number or a pin-name.  If it is a
     number and a pin has this number as its name and you did not use -N or -p
     , then gpioctl exits.

     The options are as follows:

     -c pin flag [flag ...]
                      Configure pin by setting provided flags.  The following
                      flags are currently defined:

                            IN         Input pin

                            OUT        Output pin

                            OD         Open drain pin

                            PP         Push pull pin

                            TS         Tristate pin

                            PU         Pull-up pin

                            PD         Pull-down pin

                            II         Inverted input pin

                            IO         Inverted output pin

     -f ctldev        GPIO controller device to use If not specified, defaults
                      to /dev/gpioc0

     -l               list available pins

     -n pin pin-name  set the name used to describe the pin

     -t pin           toggle value of provided pin

     -v               be verbose: for each listed pin print current

     -p               Force pin to be interpreted as a pin number

     -N               Force pin to be interpreted as a pin name

        List pins available on GPIO controller defined by device /dev/gpioc0

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -l

        Set the value of pin 12 to 1

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 12 1

        Configure pin 12 to be input pin

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -c 12 IN

        Set the name of pin 12 to test

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -n 12 test

        Toggle the value the pin named test

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -t test

        Toggle the value of pin number 12 even if another pin has the name 12

         gpioctl -f /dev/gpioc0 -pt 12

     gpio(4), gpioiic(4), gpioled(4)

     The gpioctl utility appeared in FreeBSD 9.0.

     The gpioctl utility and this manual page were written by Oleksandr
     Tymoshenko <[email protected]>.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4         March 11, 2016         FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section