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gl_compileboxmask(3)          Svgalib User Manual         gl_compileboxmask(3)

       gl_compileboxmask - compress a masked bitmap

       #include <vgagl.h>

       void gl_compileboxmask(int w, int h, void *sdp, void *ddp);

       Convert the rectangular masked bitmap of size (w, h) at sdp to a
       compressed format that allows faster drawing, which is stored at ddp.
       Allocating w * h bytes for the compiled version is usually enough; an
       upper limit should be (w + 2) * h.

       Compiled bitmaps are only supported in linear 256 color modes.

       svgalib(7), vgagl(7), svgalib.conf(5), threedkit(7), testgl(1),
       plane(1), wrapdemo(1), gl_compileboxmask(3), gl_compiledboxmasksize(3),
       gl_getbox(3), gl_putbox(3), gl_putboxpart(3), gl_putboxmask(3),

       This manual page was edited by Michael Weller <[email protected]>. The exact source of the referenced demo as well as of the
       original documentation is unknown.

       It is very likely that both are at least to some extent are due to Harm
       Hanemaayer <[email protected]>.

       Occasionally this might be wrong. I hereby asked to be excused by the
       original author and will happily accept any additions or corrections to
       this first version of the svgalib manual.

Svgalib (>= 1.2.11)               2 Aug 1997              gl_compileboxmask(3)
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