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DIGICTL(8)              FreeBSD System Manager's Manual             DIGICTL(8)

     digictl - control Digiboard devices

     digictl -a disable | enable | query device ...
     digictl [-d debug] [-ir] ctrl-device ...

     The digictl utility provides control of the Digiboard installed with the
     given ctrl-device name and provides control of individual digiboard
     devices.  A digiboard ctrl-device is usually of the form /dev/digiN.ctl
     where N is the card number and starts at ``0'' for the first attached
     card.  A digiboard device is usually of the form /dev/cua[il]DN.P or
     /dev/tty[il]DN.P where N is the card number and P is the port number.

     The following flags are recognized:

     -a disable | enable | query
                 Disable, enable or query the ALTPIN settings for the given

                 When ALTPIN is enabled, the CD and DSR lines are logically
                 reversed.  This is useful when wiring serial ports to an 8
                 way RJ45 cable (full 10 way RJ45 cables are quite rare).

                 A single ALTPIN setting applies to both of the callout and
                 callin devices.

     -d debug    If the driver has been compiled with DEBUG defined, the
                 following bits from the debug variable are used to enable
                 diagnostics in the digiboard driver:

                 1 (INIT)               Diagnostics during card attach, detach
                                        and initialization.

                 2 (OPEN)               Diagnostics when opening a port.

                 4 (CLOSE)              Diagnostics when closing a port.

                 8 (SET)                Diagnostics when setting tty device

                 16 (INT)               Diagnostics when processing card

                 32 (READ)              Reports return values from port reads.

                 64 (WRITE)             Reports return values from port

                 128 (RX)               Reports receive queue flow control.

                 256 (TX)               Reports transmit queue flow control.

                 512 (IRQ)              Diagnostics during interrupts (enable
                                        these with care).

                 1024 (MODEM)           Diagnostics when setting modem status

                 2048 (RI)              Reports when a RING is received.

     -i          Display the card identification string and type ID.

     -r          Reinitialize the card.  For boards with external port
                 modules, it is possible to add or remove modules and
                 dynamically reprobe the number of ports using this switch.
                 All ports on the card must be closed in order to reinitialize
                 the card.

                 It is preferable to reinitialize the card rather than reload
                 the entire digi module as reinitialization only affects the
                 specified board rather than affecting all attached boards.

     The digictl utility first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0.

     It should be possible to reinitialize a board without closing all of the
     existing ports.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4          June 20, 2001         FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section