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curl_mime_filedata(3)           libcurl Manual           curl_mime_filedata(3)

       curl_mime_filedata - set a mime part's body data from a file contents

       #include <curl/curl.h>

       CURLcode curl_mime_filedata(curl_mimepart * part,  const char *

       _mime_filedata/3">curl_mime_filedata(3) sets a mime part's body content from the named
       file's contents. This is an alernative to _mime_data/3">curl_mime_data(3) for setting
       data to a mime part.

       part is the part's to assign contents to.

       filename points to the nul-terminated file's path name. The pointer can
       be NULL to detach the previous part contents settings.  Filename
       storage can be safely be reused after this call.

       As a side effect, the part's remote file name is set to the base name
       of the given filename if it is a valid named file. This can be undone
       or overridden by a subsequent call to _mime_filename/3">curl_mime_filename(3).

       The contents of the file is read during the file transfer in a
       streaming manner to allow huge files to get transferred without using
       much memory. It therefore requires that the file is kept intact during
       the entire request.

       If the file size cannot be determined before actually reading it (such
       as for a device or named pipe), the whole mime structure containing the
       part will be transferred as chunks by HTTP and rejected by IMAP.

       Setting a part's contents twice is valid: only the value set by the
       last call is retained.

       As long as at least one of HTTP, SMTP or IMAP is enabled. Added in

       CURLE_OK or a CURL error code upon failure.

        curl_mime *mime;
        curl_mimepart *part;

        /* create a mime handle */
        mime = curl_mime_init(easy);

        /* add a part */
        part = curl_mime_addpart(mime);

        /* send data from this file */
        curl_mime_filedata(part, "image.png");

        /* set name */
        curl_mime_name(part, "data");

       curl_mime_addpart(3), curl_mime_data(3), curl_mime_filename(3),

libcurl 7.57.0                 October 23, 2017          curl_mime_filedata(3)
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