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CHKPRINTCAP(8)          FreeBSD System Manager's Manual         CHKPRINTCAP(8)

     chkprintcap - check validity of entries in the print spooler database

     chkprintcap [-d] [-f printcap]

     The chkprintcap utility scans a printcap(5) database (named by the
     printcap argument, or by default /etc/printcap), looking for entries
     which are invalid in one way or another.  The following checks are
     currently implemented:

           1.   `tc=' references were properly expanded

           2.   `tc=' references did not form a loop

           3.   No two printers share the same spool directory (`sd='

     The chkprintcap utility exits with a status equal to the number of errors
     encountered before processing stopped.  (In some cases, processing can
     stop before the entire file is scanned.)

     If the -d flag is given, chkprintcap will attempt to create any missing
     spool directories, giving them `u=rwx,go=rx' (0755) mode, group `daemon',
     and the owner specified by the `du=' capability in the database (default
     1, which corresponds to user `daemon').

     lpr(1), printcap(5), lpd(8)

     The chkprintcap utility was written by Garrett A. Wollman
     <[email protected]>.

     Not enough sanity-checking is done.  At a minimum, the ownership and mode
     of the spool directories should also be checked.  Other parameters whose
     value could cause lpd(8) to fail should be diagnosed.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        November 30, 1997       FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
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