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BTHIDD(8)               FreeBSD System Manager's Manual              BTHIDD(8)

     bthidd - Bluetooth HID daemon

     bthidd -h
     bthidd [-a BD_ADDR] [-c file] [-H file] [-p file] [-t val]

     The bthidd daemon handles remote Bluetooth HID devices.

     The options are as follows:

     -a BD_ADDR
             Specify the local address to listen on.  By default, the server
             will listen on ANY address.  The address can be specified as
             BD_ADDR or name.  If a name was specified, the bthidd daemon will
             attempt to resolve the name via bt_gethostbyname(3).

     -c file
             Specify path to the configuration file.  The default path is

     -d      Do not detach from the controlling terminal, i.e., run in

     -H file
             Specify path to the known HIDs file.  The default path is

     -h      Display usage message and exit.

     -p file
             Specify path to the PID file.  The default path is

     -t val  Specify client rescan interval in seconds.  The bthidd daemon
             will periodically scan for newly configured Bluetooth HID devices
             or disconnected ``passive'' Bluetooth HID devices and will
             attempt to establish an outgoing connection.  The default rescan
             interval is 10 seconds.

     The bthidd daemon currently does not handle key auto repeat and double
     click mouse events.  Those events work under X(7) just fine, but not in
     text console.

     This manual page needs more work.  A manual page documenting the format
     of the /etc/bluetooth/bthidd.conf configuration file is needed as well.


     kbdmux(4), vkbd(4), bthidcontrol(8)

     Maksim Yevmenkin <m_[email protected]>

     Any Bluetooth HID device that has HUP_KEYBOARD or HUP_CONSUMER entries in
     its descriptor is considered as ``keyboard''.  For each ``keyboard''
     Bluetooth HID device, the bthidd daemon will use a separate instance of
     the virtual keyboard interface vkbd(4).  Therefore the kbdmux(4) driver
     must be used to properly multiplex input from multiple keyboards.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4        September 7, 2006       FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
Command Section