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ARCH(7)            FreeBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual            ARCH(7)

     arch - Architecture-specific details

     Differences between CPU architectures and platforms supported by FreeBSD.

     This document is a quick reference of key ABI details of FreeBSD
     architecture ports.  For full details consult the processor-specific ABI
     supplement documentation.

     If not explicitly mentioned, sizes are in bytes.  The architecture
     details in this document apply to FreeBSD 10.0 and later, unless
     otherwise noted.

     FreeBSD uses a flat address space.  Variables of types unsigned long,
     uintptr_t, and size_t and pointers all have the same representation.

     In order to maximize compatibility with future pointer integrity
     mechanisms, manipulations of pointers as integers should be performed via
     uintptr_t or intptr_t and no other types.  In particular, long and
     ptrdiff_t should be avoided.

     On some architectures, e.g.  sparc64, powerpc and AIM variants of
     powerpc64, the kernel uses a separate address space.  On other
     architectures, kernel and a user mode process share a single address
     space.  The kernel is located at the highest addresses.

     On each architecture, the main user mode thread's stack starts near the
     highest user address and grows down.

     FreeBSD architecture support varies by release.  This table shows the
     first FreeBSD release to support each architecture, and, for discontinued
     architectures, the final release.

           Architecture       Initial Release       Final Release
           alpha              3.2                   6.4
           amd64              5.1
           arm                6.0
           armeb              8.0
           armv6              10.0
           arm64              11.0
           ia64               5.0                   10.x
           i386               1.0
           mips               8.0
           mipsel             9.0
           mipselhf           12.0
           mipshf             12.0
           mipsn32            9.0
           mips64             9.0
           mips64el           9.0
           mips64elhf         12.0
           mips64hf           12.0
           pc98               2.2                   11.x
           powerpc            6.0
           powerpcspe         12.0
           powerpc64          6.0
           riscv64            12.0
           riscv64sf          12.0
           sparc64            5.0

   Type sizes
     All FreeBSD architectures use some variant of the ELF (see elf(5))
     Application Binary Interface (ABI) for the machine processor.  All
     supported ABIs can be divided into two groups:

     ILP32     int, long, void * types machine representations all have 4-byte

     LP64      int type machine representation uses 4 bytes, while long and
               void * are 8 bytes.
     Compilers define the _LP64 symbol when compiling for an LP64 ABI.

     Some machines support more that one FreeBSD ABI.  Typically these are
     64-bit machines, where the ``native'' LP64 execution environment is
     accompanied by the ``legacy'' ILP32 environment, which was historical
     32-bit predecessor for 64-bit evolution.  Examples are:

           LP64            ILP32 counterpart
           amd64           i386
           powerpc64       powerpc
           mips64*         mips*
     arm64 currently does not support execution of armv6 binaries, even if the
     CPU implements AArch32 execution state.

     On all supported architectures:

            Type         Size
            short        2
            int          4
            long         sizeof(void*)
            long long    8
            float        4
            double       8
     Integers are represented in two's complement.  Alignment of integer and
     pointer types is natural, that is, the address of the variable must be
     congruent to zero modulo the type size.  Most ILP32 ABIs, except arm,
     require only 4-byte alignment for 64-bit integers.

     Machine-dependent type sizes:

           Architecture       void *       long double       time_t
           amd64              8            16                8
           arm                4            8                 8
           armeb              4            8                 8
           armv6              4            8                 8
           arm64              8            16                8
           i386               4            12                4
           mips               4            8                 8
           mipsel             4            8                 8
           mipselhf           4            8                 8
           mipshf             4            8                 8
           mipsn32            4            8                 8
           mips64             8            8                 8
           mips64el           8            8                 8
           mips64elhf         8            8                 8
           mips64hf           8            8                 8
           powerpc            4            8                 4
           powerpcspe         4            8                 4
           powerpc64          8            8                 8
           riscv64            8            16                8
           riscv64sf          8            16                8
           sparc64            8            16                8

     time_t is 8 bytes on all supported architectures except i386 and 32-bit
     variants of powerpc.

   Endianness and Char Signedness
           Architecture       Endianness       char Signedness
           amd64              little           signed
           arm                little           unsigned
           armeb              big              unsigned
           armv6              little           unsigned
           arm64              little           unsigned
           i386               little           signed
           mips               big              signed
           mipsel             little           signed
           mipselhf           little           signed
           mipshf             big              signed
           mipsn32            big              signed
           mips64             big              signed
           mips64el           little           signed
           mips64elhf         little           signed
           mips64hf           big              signed
           powerpc            big              unsigned
           powerpcspe         big              unsigned
           powerpc64          big              unsigned
           riscv64            little           signed
           riscv64sf          little           signed
           sparc64            big              signed

   Page Size
           Architecture       Page Sizes
           amd64              4K, 2M, 1G
           arm                4K
           armeb              4K
           armv6              4K, 1M
           arm64              4K, 2M, 1G
           i386               4K, 2M (PAE), 4M
           mips               4K
           mipsel             4K
           mipselhf           4K
           mipshf             4K
           mipsn32            4K
           mips64             4K
           mips64el           4K
           mips64elhf         4K
           mips64hf           4K
           powerpc            4K
           powerpcspe         4K
           powerpc64          4K
           riscv64            4K
           riscv64sf          4K
           sparc64            8K

   Floating Point
           Architecture       float, double       long double
           amd64              hard                hard, 80 bit
           arm                soft                soft, double precision
           armeb              soft                soft, double precision
           armv6              hard(1)             hard, double precision
           arm64              hard                soft, quad precision
           i386               hard                hard, 80 bit
           mips               soft                identical to double
           mipsel             soft                identical to double
           mipselhf           hard                identical to double
           mipshf             hard                identical to double
           mipsn32            soft                identical to double
           mips64             soft                identical to double
           mips64el           soft                identical to double
           mips64elhf         hard                identical to double
           mips64hf           hard                identical to double
           powerpc            hard                hard, double precision
           powerpcspe         hard                hard, double precision
           powerpc64          hard                hard, double precision
           riscv64            hard                hard, double precision
           riscv64sf          soft                soft, double precision
           sparc64            hard                hard, quad precision

     (1) Prior to FreeBSD 11.0, armv6 used the softfp ABI even though it
     supported only processors with a floating point unit.

   Predefined Macros
     The compiler provides a number of predefined macros.  Some of these
     provide architecture-specific details and are explained below.  Other
     macros, including those required by the language standard, are not
     included here.

     The full set of predefined macros can be obtained with this command:

           cc -x c -dM -E /dev/null

     Common type size and endianness macros:

           Macro         Meaning
           __LP64__      64-bit (8-byte) long and pointer, 32-bit (4-byte) int
           __ILP32__     32-bit (4-byte) int, long and pointer
                         not used on FreeBSD.

     Architecture-specific macros:

           Architecture       Predefined macros
           amd64              __amd64__, __x86_64__
           arm                __arm__
           armeb              __arm__
           armv6              __arm__, __ARM_ARCH >= 6
           arm64              __aarch64__
           i386               __i386__
           mips               __mips__, __MIPSEB__, __mips_o32
           mipsel             __mips__, __mips_o32
           mipselhf           __mips__, __mips_o32
           mipshf             __mips__, __MIPSEB__, __mips_o32
           mipsn32            __mips__, __MIPSEB__, __mips_n32
           mips64             __mips__, __MIPSEB__, __mips_n64
           mips64el           __mips__, __mips_n64
           mips64elhf         __mips__, __mips_n64
           mips64hf           __mips__, __MIPSEB__, __mips_n64
           powerpc            __powerpc__
           powerpcspe         __powerpc__, __SPE__
           powerpc64          __powerpc__, __powerpc64__
           riscv64            __riscv__, __riscv64
           riscv64sf          __riscv__, __riscv64
           sparc64            __sparc64__

     src.conf(5), build(7)

     An arch manual page appeared in FreeBSD 12.

FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4          May 16, 2017          FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p4
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