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24Tb FreeBSD NAS budget DIY

I had a bunch of 3Tb disks come in and thought it would be a good opportunity to see how many I could join together.

I used 9 WD Green 3Tb hard disks, 1 WD Blue 500Gb to run FreeBSD 8.2 amd64. The mother board is a Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3, the number of SATA ports are extended using the 2 port RocketRaid PCI express cards the come with the 3Tb disks. Chucked as much RAM in as I could, think it was 8Gb.

  • 9 x WD Green 3Tb hard disks
  • 2 x WD Blue 500Gb (OS mirror).
  • Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3,
  • 3 x 2 port RocketRaid PCI express cards (come with the 3Tb disks)
  • 8Gb RAM

The RocketRaid cards (Free with the hard drives!) 24Tb FreeBSD NAS rocketraid 62x

The mother board Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3 24Tb FreeBSD NAS Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3 24Tb FreeBSD NAS motherboard Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3

The complete server ready for FreeBSD 9.0 install ZFS v28! 24Tb FreeBSD NAS complete

This is the result of the setup.

24Tb FreeBSD NAS setup WD Green 3Tb disks

I run a basic install of FreeBSD 8.2 RELEASE amd64 with zfs v15 to create a 24Tb striped zpool.

# zpool create tank /dev/ada0 /dev/ada1 /dev/ada2 /dev/ada3 /dev/ada4 /dev/ada5 /dev/ada6 /dev/ada7 /dev/ada8
# zfs create tank/data

24Tb FreeBSD zfs