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OpenSSL Upgrade

With the base install of FreeBSD you get a copy on OpenSSL installed in /usr/bin/openssl, however it is not a registered package. This makes upgrading OpenSSL a little different, you must first install the OpenSSL port and then tell your make.conf to use the port install when using OpenSSL libraries. Once this is done you can keep OpenSSL up to date just as you would with any other port.

First make sure your port tree is up to date

# portsnap fetch update

Then add the following line to /etc/make.conf


Now install the OpenSSL port from /usr/ports/security/openssl or if you like to use portupgrade

# portupgrade -N security/openssl

And that’s about it, due to the additional line in make.conf any port built with OpenSSL will use the port (latest) version. You may need to recompile other packages using OpenSSL, in that case this command could help out

# portupgrade -Rrf security/openssl