FreeBSD NAS 24Tb ZFS on a budget

Previously I did a quick post on a 24Tb budget NAS server I was testing, since then the components have be put into a 4u case and will be going into a rack for testing. Before I screwed the lit on I thought I’d take a few more photos to show what you can do on a tight budget if you need load of space and a resilient disk array. In this case ZFS is our friend.

  • 9 x WD Green 3Tb hard disks
  • 2 x WD Blue 500Gb (OS mirror).
  • Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3,
  • 3 x 2 port RocketRaid PCI express cards (come with the 3Tb disks)
  • 8Gb RAM
The RocketRaid cards (Free with the hard drives!)

24Tb FreeBSD NAS rocketraid 62x

The mother board Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3

24Tb FreeBSD NAS Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3

24Tb FreeBSD NAS motherboard Gigabyte Z68-D3-B3

The complete server – ready for FreeBSD 9.0 install – ZFS v28!

24Tb FreeBSD NAS complete

Stay tuned for the test results!

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