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Cisco show run vs show run all vs more system:running config

When viewing the running config on a Cisco IOS there are a few methods. The first is the well known show run, this will give you most of the configuration. However show run does hide the default configuration lines and encrypted keys. If you don`t want your configuration filtered there are some other methods.

Below are examples of the other methods you can use to view the current running configuration.

Show running configuration, unfiltered.

# show run all

This is very much like show run, but it will also print all the default configuration options that are sometimes hidden depending on the IOS version.

Show configuration as it is in memory.

If you want to see your config as it is in memory, without encrypting and stuff like that you can use this command.

# more system:running config

It’s also worth noting that if you backup/audit you Cisco configs with rancid, the newer version of randic, rancid 2.3.6 or newer, has changed the command it uses to get the configuration. The command it uses is more system:running config, the older versions simply use show run. So if you administrate your Cisco users and restrict commands to the rancid user via a tacacs+ server make sure you give the rancid user access to the more command.